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How to Promote YouTube Videos and Increase Channel Subscribers


Using social media for promoting businesses and services is an art every one can’t do this successfully. Then getting noticed on YouTube is also a very important and tricky job; only a few people can do this for getting great results.


The best thing for getting maximum views for your YouTube videos is to increase your YouTube subscribers which can be done by understanding the basics of YouTube SEO.

Following are some good things to do for getting free YouTube subscribers:

Proper use of MetaData

YouTube Basic SEO Tips MetaData

While uploading the video you should understand that this video will not be visible on the front page of YouTube. You will only get views if you promote it on your social profiles, or if your video is found in the search results.

Remember YouTube is also a search engine where people search for their favorite YouTube videos. So you should take care of metadata, like title, description, and tags that are important parts of basic SEO.

Your title should be descriptive and attractive and it should describe the video well. It should not be lengthy nor very short. There should be at least one primary keyword in the title. Then your description should also describe what is there in the video and how it is useful for the visitor.


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The title and description are visible on Google’s search result page. If you use title and description wisely there are high chances that it will be found in search results. Tags of the video can also impact your video’s visibility in search results so provide the most important keywords in the tag section.

Proper Use of Thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail SEO Tips Tricks

The thumbnail of the video plays a critical role in getting the attention of the visitor. While watching other YouTube videos if a user gets attracted by your thumbnail he will surely click on your video and most likely he will the subscribe your channel as well. So you should try to use a custom thumbnail to make it attractive for YouTube visitors.

Upload Unique and Creative Content


Most of the YouTube users try to copy the concept and content of their competitors which can attract viewers. It is very important that while recording a video, you should provide a unique and creative idea. If you want to sell your product you should make a different and professional product video review.


If you are providing some entertaining content then you should try something that can go viral on the internet and social media. The more interesting videos you provide more visitors will subscribe to your channel for getting the latest updates from your channel.

Avoid Getting Free Subs and Views


Most of the new YouTubers try some short cut methods to get more views and subscribers with fake methods. Some get paid services to get fake views likes, and subscribers on the videos, while some use free methods that involve subscribe to each other channels or watching a video for 30 seconds on different sites like SubMeNow and AddMeFast.

You should avoid such methods as YouTube algorithms are intelligent enough to catch these fake and malicious activities.


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