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Why Social Media is important and how to manage your Social accounts



As we all know that there are about 3.7 billion internet users so every business in the world is transforming itself on digital technology. This is about 50% of the total world’s population which is about 7.5 billion.


Out of these 3.7 billion internet users, about 2.8 billion users are active social media users which are almost 74% of total internet users. It means for any business that is seeking customers from the internet, social media users are very important.

According to We Are Social, there are 4.92 billion unique mobile users in the world and out of these 2.55 users are active on social sites as well.


Picture credit: We Are Social

According to a Moz study, the blogs which are focusing on social accounts also get better organic traffic because they get great social signals and referrals from social media. So Google ranks these social media blogs higher in search results as well.

Considering all these facts it is very important for every business to have a strong appearance on Social sites to attract these 2.8 billion active social media users.


Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are the best sources to choose from as your social partners and other than these, Google Plus and LinkedIn are also worth considering.

If you have an online store at Amazon, then you should also consider hiring an Amazon marketing agency to promote your online store on different social media platforms and in Google searches as well.

But it is not easy to handle all these social accounts for your social media blogs professionally and regularly. Just creating accounts on social media is not enough, it needs a lot of followers, likes, comments and last but not least, you need fresh content to engage the people on social media.

Many people hire an expert for these activities but that ends up with great costs and no good results. Because of the way a person can understand his own business, no other can. Here you need a good social media management tool that can do all your tasks related to social media management with just a few clicks and that should work for all your social media accounts.

If you search on the internet, you can find many social media poster tools for you but Jarvee is the one which you should try because of its effectiveness. With my own experience, I can say without any doubt that Jarvee is one of the best Social media poster tools; that is good enough to provide you with desired results.


This is easy to use and a friendly tool that is responsible for all your social media activities on all the accounts.

The best thing about Jarvee, you can use this as a trial for five days without paying a single penny and you can watch the video tutorials as well to understand the working of this beautiful tool.


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