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Setting up of Modernistic GSM lab at NUST by ZONG and HUAWEI


Zong-and-Huawei-GSM-Lab-in-NUSTTuesday, 27 November 2012-A laboratory with advanced technology and modern equipments has been set up at NUST by in collaboration with zong and huawei Pakistan. Along with the laboratory, there is a training institute for the students of national university of science and technology NUST in order to create a bonding between the students and telecom industry by providing cutting edge technology to promote the corporate sector. The huawei Pakistan has made the hardware investment of U.S $1.3 million and zong has provided its professionals for the purpose. Through the high tech GSM laboratory, the students will get the first hand knowledge and experience of using advanced devices. Thus, providing a place where students can make latest researches and contribute in the development of the technology.

The set up of the laboratory and training centre consist of GSM mobile system having MSC, BSC, BTS, HLR and other media portals. The main aim of the development of such a platform is to help the students getting an awareness regarding the GSM world. In addition to this, software development, formation of mobile operating tools and patch development will also take place. By using the ultra modern facilities, the students will get the latest information about the telecom industry’s security system, performance of network, configuration and problems.

The CEO of zong, Mr., fan yunjun talked to the media about the laboratory developed in NUST and mentioned it that it comes under the social responsibility of the company to take such steps for the development of the society and its people by providing them improved technological education.  This will develop the skills and talents among the individuals that will be beneficial for the telecom industry in Pakistan. Zong is the biggest investment of the china mobile in Pakistan and always strive to promote the friendship between the two countries.