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Ufone Rewards Rs. 600 Free Balance to New Customers



Once again Ufone is bringing an exciting offer for its new customers who can enjoy the Rs. 600 free balance in six months after buying new Ufone SIM or switching from another network. The new user can now avail Rs. 600 free balance, SMS and plenty of free minutes as well. The offer seems great and will definitely help the company to boost up their market share in the industry.


When the user buys new UFONE SIM or convert to the network, he will get the balance of Rs 100 after recharging at least Rs. 100 once in a month. For a period of six month, the offer will remain effective and give extra benefit to the user.

The General Manager of UFONE, Mr. Taimur Cheema, gave his views about the exciting new offer and said, “Ufone customers are the most important member of the family and keeping this in mind, the lucrative new offer has been launched to benefit the new customers by rewarding the balance of Rs. 100 every month.”

“Company has the motive to give best customer services and remind them that they are an integral part of network.” He further added that the full peace of mind will be ensured by this lucrative offer for the new and port-in customers who are looking forward to have the benefit from Ufone services without any worry of the low balance.”


Important Terms and Conditions

  • This lucrative offer is effective till April 15th 2014
  • Every new customer will get the balance of Rs. 100 on every month for the recharge of at least Rs. 100
  • Customer will also get the standard balance alongside other than the extra balance of Rs. 100
  • Once the additional balance is received, it will be valid till the next 72 hours
  • This offer is only for the new Ufone SIM owners and port-in customers to the Ufone network
  • Additional balance will only be available if the recharge is done through ULoad and scratch cards.
  • The rewarded balance can not be shared through Ushare
  • You can use the rewarded balance to make calls from Ufone to Ufone, Vfone, PTCL, local SMS, GPRS, MMS, Package conversion and other services provided by the network.
  • The additional balance can not be used for making international calls, SMS bucket subscription, calls to other network, International SMS and IVR.