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Viber Acquired by Japanese Company for USD 900 million


Viber is a very popular free messaging and calls service worldwide. The Japanese based online retailer, Rakuten, has just acquired the worldwide popular messaging and call service, Viber, for 900 million USD.


The company is planning to integrate Viber with its other digital products.  Rakuten is a multibillion company owned by Hiroshi Mikitani who thinks that e-commerce in future will become more popular which will definitely enable the company to expand its business.

The company financed the acquisition through bank and as per the Rauten, company will set off all the bank liability till the end of march.

This Japanese based company connects local as well as foreign consumers to international manufacturers on its portal and deals in clothing, electronic, toys. At the end of December 2013, the company was holding a 27.7 percent market share of the Internet retailing market in Japan.

The company plans to expand its business by capitalizing the free messaging and call service opportunity. Currently, it has over 225 million members which will definitely increase through paid stickers and gaming ads on Viber.


The chief executive Officer of Viber said that we will continue to build viber, maintain the mentality, startup and boost up the growth of our company while having support.