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Apple Releases the iOS 7.1 Update, What is New??


The first iOS redesign was introduced by Apple last year in June 2013 with a modern look. Several improvements had made in iOS 6 and the new iOS 7 came with a faster animation sweeping that was criticized due to very long load times.

Major Changes in iOS 7.1

Recently, iOS 7.1 has been released by Apple with plenty of improvements and the bug fix most importantly. In the previous version, users often experienced the crash in the home screen which has now been fixed in the latest released version that also allows the users to use CarPlay feature. If you have iPhone 5 or higher, then you can easily control your device inside the car by interacting with your dashboard through CarPlay with maximum attention on the roads.

In the previous versions, silence for a few seconds was the indication for Siri to know that you are done talking to her or the request has been completed. Now, during the conversation you will have to press your finger on the home button and lift the finger off the button once you are done to let Siri know that the conversation is over. Furthermore, the male and female voices in Australian English, Japanese, Chinese and British English has also been added.

The search field for iTunes radio has been added in iOS 7.1 to enable the users create the station based on their favorite songs or artist and with a single tap the album can be purchased.

The iOS 7.1 has improved the calendar that allows the users in the month view to see daily appointments. Furthermore TouchID has also been improved that will save the users from rejection due to incorrect readings.

If you have iPhone 5s, then you will please to know that your camera has been updated. With this update, your camera will automatically turn on HDR when needed.

The new iOS 7.1 brings notable difference in the load time of the device. The new iOS 7.1 update has been sent out to those who have the iPhone 4 or higher and it weights around 268MB. It is also available for the Apple iPad 2 or higher.

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