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iOS 7.1 Update Causing Battery Drop off and Bluetooth Re-boots


Are you experiencing low battery timing after installing the latest iOS 7.1 update? And if you are, then you are not the only one as the user from all over the world has been experiencing these sorts of problem after installing the latest iOS 7.1. Some users also complained about the random re-boots of the Bluetooth that they have never experienced before the installation of the update. Those who used to recharge once in a day now they have to recharge the device after every 12 hours without increasing the use of their iPhone.


These problems however can be fixed as per the Yahoo Tech. Instead of installing the update with OTA, use iTunes as it clears up the problem that cause battery drop off and random Bluetooth re-boots. Since the update, many users have experienced problems in Apple iPad mini Retina display, iPhone 5s, Apple iPad Air and Apple iPhone 4s. However, 26% of the Apple devices that were having the problem since the update are now updated to new build.


If you are having problems with your iPhone after the update, then install it again with iTunes and give us the feedback in the comment box below.