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7 Secrets to Improve Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

how to improve smartphone battery lif

Smartphones with bigger display are much in demand these days and the battery may quickly get depleted if you like to watch HD videos, browsing and play games on it. Probably the easiest way to increase the battery timing of your device is managing the display setting well. It does not matter what device you are using, the battery timing can be significantly increased by following these few simple tips.

1.  Change the Brightness Settings

Do you know that the screen of your smartphone depletes the battery at the fastest rate than any other features of the device?  So, keep it at the minimum level to boost up the battery timing.  Some devices have the feature to adjust the brightness level automatically based on the surroundings. If you do not like to lower down the screen brightness then select the automatic option in the setting to change the level of brightness based on your surroundings.

2.  Background Application

You must be very careful in choosing the application and install only those that you want to use because apps do consume the battery which can be saved by uninstalling the unused apps.

3.  Phone Charger

Use only the genuine charger to charge your device as these charger stop the charging process when your battery is charged fully and do not harm the battery even if you forgot to turn the charger off. Those devices charged with cheap knock-off charger which are not really original reduces the life of your battery and in the long run people realize that their device is dying at a much faster rate.

4.  Connectivity

3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE and GPS are amazing things but nobody use these all the time and keeping them off when you are not using these features can save the significant amount of power and increases the battery timing.

5.  Push Notification

Do you know that how much the push notification consumes the battery when the specific message appears on your screen from time to time? Each time when you receives the message, your phone lights up or vibrates (depend on the settings) and consumes the power. You save plenty of battery by turning off such notifications which are not relevant to you.

6.   Install Battery Guru

If you have been using Android powered devices then download the Snapdragon Battery Guru to boost up the battery timing and increasing the performance of your device as the app learns from your usage habits and optimize the device in accordance with it. There are also plenty of other application such as Carat, Battery Doctor to increase the performance and battery timing of your smartphone.

7.  Games

If you like to play games for hours on your smartphone then the battery barely last for one to two hours because some games depletes the battery at a very faster rate. Avoid playing heavy games on the devices to improve the battery timing significantly on your device.

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