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Top Favorite Contenders for 3G/4G Technology in Pakistan


A poll has been initiated by before two to three weeks in order to gauge the thoughts of people regarding who wins the much awaited 3G and 4G license in the auction. Total 8,502 visitors expressed their opinion through the poll till 25th March 2014 regarding winning the 3G license while 5714 have shared their thoughts about the operators who can win 4G licenses.


Before we discuss the 4G statistics, let’s discuss 3G license results first. With 2314 votes (27.22%), Telenor stands at the first position and Mobilink holds the second position by capturing 2267 votes. Though, Mobilink is the largest mobile phone operator in the country but the statistics are not surprising because both companies hold 53% market share in the country. Furthermore, both the companies have just finished their network up-gradation and considered very strong contenders to win 3G licenses.

Ufone holds the third position by having 1867 votes which are pretty near to the top 2 operators in our poll and expectations are high that it will give tough competition in the auction to the rivals. The company has the competitive edge over others as it is backed by the PTCL who is pretty confident of grabbing the 3G and 4G license.

The 3G/4G license auction is going to take place in the next month 23rd April and total 3 3G licenses will be up for sale.

According to the results of our poll, there are very slight chances of Zong, Warid and potential new entrant for winning the license. Though, Zong and potential new entrants are not able to grab plenty of votes in our poll but these are the well-established foreign companies with heavy pockets to bear the license’s cost.

Now, let’s discuss the top favorite mobile phone operators for 4G license. The results of our poll show the trend quite similar with the 3G results. In the auction, only 2 4G license will be available and only those companies would be able to participate in the auction who wins the 3G license. Poll results for 4G shows that Telenor and Mobilink are the top in our list by grabbing 31.53% and 30.51% votes respectively. Ufone and Zong hold the third and fourth spot respectively.


With 12 million customers and most loyal postpaid customers, Warid again stands at the last position in our poll. Unlike other companies, Warid does not seem to show its interest for winning the next generation license in the auction as it is expected that the foreign owned company may discontinue its operation in the country and potential new foreign entrant acquire the company to participate in the auction. However, it is not confirmed yet from any reliable sources.