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How To Install New Fonts On iPhone And iPad Without Jailbreaking



As the release date of next generation iPhone is near and if you are a big fan of iPhone 6 then you would surely want to know about its specs, appearance and design which have recently been revealed by the plenty of rumors on the media from last few weeks. The upcoming iPhone is no doubt going to be much faster and distinctive from the previous models in terms of screen size and will have the larger display – matching the current trend of the market which has recently become very popular. It is expected that the upcoming model will be larger than any other Apple’s handset released till date.


Everyday we use our devices to type letters and create official documents but most of us are still unaware about the features available to help us in making the document look more attractive by using the customized font. There are plenty of websites and blogs that allow the user to download the beautiful new font on their desktop but when it comes to the devices like iPad or iPhone, we do not go to download the different font apps due to the wrong perception that we are not going to carry the notebook everywhere with us.

If you are a designer or do a lot of productive work on your iPhone or iPad then you may find it very difficult to deal with when the device does not recognize the font or convert the font in something else which results in the error. Though, there are lots of ways to deal with this problem but if you have iPhone then perhaps the easiest way is downloading the AnyFont app which lets you use the additional font of compatible apps such as Keynotes, Numbers and Pages.


Everybody appreciates the beautiful documents and now with AnyFont you can easily stylized your document the way you wanted. There is no need to choose from the default font style as AnyFont allows you to download the custom font that you can utilize later the way you wanted to. Due to the closed-off nature of iOS, most of the users may find difficulty in the installation process. However, you can get the AnyFont from the official Apple’s pages and may get the several supported apps as well.


AnyFont app is also available on the app store of Apple however, the folks who live in United Kingdom and wants to give it a try, then they can do so by paying $1.99.

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