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Are you looking for an affordable Car rental software?


What do you think is the main factor for success in the Car rental industry? Actually, not one factor is responsible to make your taxi business a SUCCESS. It’s a combined effort from all sides to run such a business globally. To manage the entire inventory, the huge customer database, the driver’s trip history, the safe transactions, and the continued customer assistance; it all requires a taxi business software that can manage everything all under one roof and without having to invest a huge time in managing the entire system.

For sure there are lots of car rental software companies offering their personalized applications. These apps can be customized as per your requirements. A company called ‘Smart Car’ too offers a cab management app with all the features that one would otherwise expect and that too at competitive prices in the market. The company offers the app to help you build your taxi business and this UBER like Taxi app is easily accessible through your smartphones and other gadgets. So, you don’t have to remain glued to your system or laptop all the time. car-rental-software

The App for “On The Go”

And why not? After all this is the digital era where you have access to anything anywhere and anytime and you can also market your product and spread it like fire. As the owner of a travel agency, if you are too occupied with many other activities or you travel a lot and you need freedom to access the business with just few clicks, then this feature-rich app makes sense. How? Let’s explore it below. The Key Features:

  • Has powerful Car Rental & Management features
  • Economical & High Quality native iOS & Android apps to give your business wings
  • More features that can make your business smarter than any Taxi business in the world!
  • Developed by experts & Tested to perfection. Don’t take our word for it, Check it out for yourself
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  • Check out the Amazing features for the Passenger app & Driver app
  • We offer free upgrades for life services by proactively managing all the upgrades at your end


The Smart Car Advantage

Using a powerful mobile app software to power your Taxi business has its own perks. Let’s look at a few: ADD ONS Make the best on your purchase of this UBER like taxi clone mobile app with the long list of 20+ amazing Add-ons for each app. IOT DEVICE Along with the mobile apps, you get an OBD Device (On Board Diagnostics). This device works with the mobile app to take your Taxi business to the NEXT LEVEL! ECONOMICAL & HIGH QUALITY Fully white-labeled, economical and high quality native iOS and Android apps for both your customers and your service providers means that you get to be the technology leader in your space; and all that without breaking the bank.


The Mobile App Features in Particular

Extensive Admin Panel

A well designed and easily accessible admin panel gives you the control to manage all the aspects of your business. It gives you a chance to continuously improve the customers and service providers experience.

Maps for Real-time Tracking

With maps on your mobile gadgets, you can never lose the track of your customer and cab in real time using the smooth, user-friendly and real-time map tracking facility. You can save yourself from the unnecessary calls.

Turnkey One and All

With the turnkey solution, you need not worry about the technology being used or other concerns associated with that. Just use the app freely, as its ready to be deployed.

Fully Automated

Set it up once, enter your Paypal ID and forget about it. The solution you get will take care of optimized dispatching, collecting, distributing money and depositing your cut in your account.

Remarkable Tech Support

A hand-picked team is always there to extend every possible support you need to offer you a flawless working app right from your mobile phones.

Fare Estimator

Simply tap the button and get the rough estimate of the fare. Isn’t it great!!!

In App Payments

Give your customers the ease of in-app payments like market leaders.