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Dell vs HP Laptops: How To Pick The Right Brand


When it comes to laptops, the only two names comes to our mind is either Dell or HP. Though there are many other good brands but HP and Dell capture the bigger share in the market. Laptop Mỹ is one of the best dealer in Vietnam who deals in laptop cu gia re, mean they sell second hand laptops. Once I have talked with their customer support online and they have told me few things which makes the customer to choose the best laptop brand while buying a second hand laptop. I would like to share those things which you can consider and make a decision to chose the right brand for you.

  • Price Difference: It is believed that DELL laptops are slightly cheaper in price as compared to HP laptops. So if you have limited budget then you get high specs in low price if you select DELL brand.
  • Colors Option: If you want colorful laptop then DELL is the only choice for you as there are many color options available in DELL laptops while HP don’t offer more color options. There are only few colors like silver, grey or black.
  • Style & Looks: DELL laptops are mostly available in standard looks and designs. Even if you get the latest dell laptop, it will looks like the old fashioned designs whereas HP laptops are sleek in design and beautiful looks. So if you want a beautiful design with sophisticated finish then HP is the right choice for you.
  • Gaming Purpose Laptop: Nothing can beat DELL when it comes to gaming. Alienware M17 × R4 of DELL is one of the best laptop for gaming, so if you are a gamer and wants a laptop to play latest 3D games then you have no other option then DELL.

  • Market Value: Market value is something which might be totally different for different areas and different markets. So here we can’t say anything which brand has more market value. For this you need to visit your market and compare the buying and selling prices of both the brands and then you need to decide which brand have more market value in your geographical area.
  • Operating System: Obviously operating system is important but not in the case of HP and DELL, because both supports Windows operating system of Microsoft. So both options are viable because of Microsoft support.

So these are some main points which you can check to decide which brand is better for you. Though there are many other factors which can change your choice.

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