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Best Android 8 Oreo Tips and Tricks and New Features

android 8 oreo tips and tricks

android 8 oreo tips and tricksAfter a long wait, the latest version of Android, Oreo 8 was released on 21st of August and every android user wants to upgrade the Smartphone to this latest, most stable and advanced android 8 oreo version. With enhanced android Smartphone experience, Oreo will be available for more devices in coming few months, at the moment it is only available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, and Nexus Player.

We have provided the tips for new android users in other articles and here in this article, we will provide some new android tips and tricks for Oreo 8 users. Obviously, once a person update the mobile to the latest version he/she don’t have much time to find the latest features in the mobile. So we can say that there are few hidden features in every new version of a mobile OS for which a user requires some tips and tricks for an android developer who already have tested the alpha and beta versions. So here we are going to mention some new features of Android 8 Oreo which every new Android user should know.

Tips & Tricks for Android 8 Oreo

  • Picture in Picture mode: Many android users are familiar with the picture in picture mode as they might have used this feature with YouTube mobile application. But in Android 8 Oreo, now user can select the applications of his own choice to use this feature. For example, when you have a video call on Whatsapp, you will have your video on full screen. If you want to do some other things on your mobile you can just press the home button and do whatever you want to do, the video screen will float on your mobile’s screen in a corner.


android 8 oreo picture in picture

To enable this feature you need to go to Settings >> Apps and Notifications >> Advanced >> Special App Access >> Picture in Picture. Now from this screen you can select the application of your own choice and enable or disable this feature for that particular android application.

  • Smart Wifi Settings: This is the most useful feature for me of Android 8 Oreo. To use this feature open up the settings menu and navigate to Network and Internet settings. Now tap on “Wifi” which also shows your network name when you are connected to a Wifi connection. Now tap on Wifi Preferences and from there you have to enable the option to turn on Wi-Fi automatically. Once you have done all this now you have to turn off your Wifi and check if the function is activated or not by swiping down the screen and check if you can see a wifi setting message which says that Wifi will turn on automatically once you are near a high quality saved network.

android 8 oreo smart wifi automatically on

Now every time when you have your Wifi off, and you go to your friend’s house or you arrive in the office where Wifi connection is available which you have previously connected with, you wifi will automatically turn on and will be connected with the available connection and you will start getting pending notifications from your social apps, email app, and other applications. (Note that this feature will only be available for Pixel phones only for now.)


  • Autofill Saved Passwords: This is another useful feature of Android 8 Oreo which you will surely like if you are using various social media and other online accounts which require a password to login. Just like you can use the autofill form feature in Google Chrome on your desktop computer and laptops, now you can use the same feature as well on your mobile devices. A limited feature was available in previous Android versions as well, but in Android 8 Oreo, this feature has been extended and now you can use it with various apps.

autofill with google android 8 oreo

When you enter your credentials in any application and try to login, it will ask you “Save to Autofill With Google”. You need to selected “Save” and Google will save your credentials. If you have more than 1 account on the same app, you can next time login with other credentials and allow Google to save the new credentials as well. Next time when you try to login into the app, Google will provide you all the credentials you have used before, select the one which you want to use for this session and Google will autofill the username and password for you. Now you just need to hit the sign-in button of your application. I am sure you will surely like these android tips.

Moreover, if you have other autofill app installed on your mobile like LastPass, you can switch between the different autofill services.

Google Autofill Android 8 Oreo

These are only a few android tips and tricks which we have listed here for the new Android 8 oreo users. Keep visiting us we will update the same article soon to list some more cool features of Android 8 Oreo.