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Why Your Company Need Professional Document Management System


If you are reading this post, most probably you are looking for a better solution for document management. You might be one of those employees who might have been facing difficulties in managing the critical documents of the company. Sometimes it might happen when you are sitting on your desk in your office and suddenly your boss asks you for a critical document and you start searching it in your online cloud storage. But you couldn’t find that in the relevant folders you were expecting to have that document. Then you might use the search option for your cloud storage as well, but no luck.

This is the situation where you can feel worried as your boss will keep calling you as he/she might be getting late and that document is necessary for the upcoming meeting. No doubt a good document manager can keep all the documents safe and secure in the different folder hierarchy. But it is a fact that these manual systems are not secure at all when there are different employees accessing the same files. Especially finding the latest version is the most difficult task and it becomes even worse when you find different autosave versions of a single file.

Here you might realize that you need a professional document management system to keep all the files of your company so that you can access any file anytime within no time.

A document management system (DMS) is much more than just an online cloud storage. Obviously, you might be thinking is it a wise decision to spend your money on a DMS or not. The benefits of a fast document management system described below will be the answer to your question and you can make a decision easily whether to invest a small amount in DMS or not.

How Document Management System is Useful

The below four points will make it clear that how DMS is useful for your company, while there are many other advantages as well.

  • Increase Collaboration: When the employees of a company are working on the same project but from different geolocations, the collaboration between the employees is most important. A good document management system ensures that all the employees can work altogether on the same projects and same files. The DMS will be responsible to save all the updated files with proper naming convention.
  • Reliable Document Version Control: For large organizations, it is important to maintain the updated documents and then keep the records as well. Many companies face this problem as their document controller manager fails to provide the required document with the latest version as he might mix up the different versions and then it becomes impossible for him to get the latest updated file. A good and professional document management system is responsible to provide you the reliable document version whenever needed.
  • Eases Accessibility: While you are working on a project and you are at home or traveling outstation, you might need the important documents and policy papers. Some may argue that it is not a rocket science to bring all the papers along with you as a hard copy. But there is still a possibility that you might forget something at home or at office desk and then there is no chance you can get those papers while traveling. A document management system provides you an easy accessibility to all your documents and if you have installed the mobile application of that DMS on your smartphone, you can access those documents wherever you are.
  • Cost Effectiveness and Increased Productivity: Using a DMS is very cost effective as it is a well-known fact that “time is money”. When you or your employees can save their time by finding the required document in no time, ultimately you are saving the money as they spend their time in some other productive activities. So ultimately productive of the employees will be increased which can earn more profit for the company. Along with this the money which you need to spend on keeping all the files and their duplicate copies in a paper form can be saved if you keep all your documents digitally online.

So, all the benefits, mentioned above, are good enough to convince any company owner to have a professional document management system (DMS) to keep all the record online and easily accessible. SECUBE Technology is a company who owned CubeBox. It is a professional and innovative E-Archiver and a document management system which can make a real difference. If you get this software you and your company will have all the benefits of having a managed system of keeping the critical company policies and other important documents.

It won’t be difficult to migrate your current system of managing documents to the latest CubeBox DMS as you will get a professional support from the company. If you own a company, your employees and you won’t face any problem in operating the CubeBox as it has an easy to use user interface. Moreover, you will find many video tutorials on YouTube about the CubeBox DMS.

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