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What should I focus on? Typing Speed or the Typing Accuracy?



This is not the most common, but it is the most important question when it comes to a typist. A typist should know the answer to this question that what is more important? A fast typing speed or the improved typing accuracy? Well, if you search on the internet for typing or how to improve typing? 90% articles you find will be about how to improve typing speed and only a few of them will talk about the typing accuracy. But if you ask me this question, I would say you can’t identify which one is most important. But I know that good typist should have minimum typing mistakes.


Why it is important to increase Typing speed

There is nothing to explain much if someone asks that why he or she should need to improve the typing speed? This is very obvious that if you have to type a lot of content daily then you must have a fast typing speed. If your typing speed is not good you can’t complete your tasks in time. Whereas if you are able to type fast, let’s say at about 60 to 80 words per minute, then your productivity will increase and you can complete your tasks on time. With this improved productivity your name will be in good books of your boss and ultimately you can get incentives for your good work as well as you can have an increment in your pay as well.

Why it is important to improve Typing accuracy

Let’s say you are typing a company policy and you have very short time. With your fast typing speed, you complete your typing job on time and you forward your document to the higher authorities. But think once, if they find a lot of mistakes in your typed document, will they be happy that you have typed the document on time? No, they will not for sure. So it is very important to type not only fast but with minimum errors. Especially when you are working for a big organization, it will not tolerate any spelling errors in their official documents. They can tolerate relatively low typing speed but they would need perfection at first priority. So this is crystal clear why typing accuracy is important when you are doing a professional work.


How to Increase Typing Speed along with Typing Accuracy?

The best way to improve your typing speed and accuracy is to use any typing tutor which you can install on your laptop. You can also go through variousĀ typing test for beginners and experts online. These online typing tests will not only inform you about your typing speed with words per minute and characters per minute but these online services will also let you know the error percentage as well. So when you think that you have a reasonable typing speed, for example, 60 to 70 words per minute, then don’t concentrate on improving your speed at that point. Rather you should consider improving your accuracy.

Anyone can understand that a typist with 70 words per minute speed and 100% accuracy is much better than the typist who can type with 80 words per minute but he makes a lot of mistakes which then require more time to correct those mistakes.

Final Words:

From the above discussion, it is clear that typing accuracy is directly related to typing speed. No organization would need you if you are typing fast but make mistakes in their professional letters. So when you get an average typing speed, start focusing on typing with the same speed but with more accuracy. If you are typing 70 words per minute with 100% accuracy and your other colleague is typing with the same speed of 70 words per minute but with fewer mistakes, your productivity will be much better than the other.