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Magento ERP Integration Extension for Magento Website



For the success of any website, the real-time synchronization and stock updates are utmost important. If your products are not synchronized then you can’t do business when you are dealing with a few dozens of products. But if your products and stock are synchronized with the online store in real time then you can easily manage thousands of orders and shipments on daily basis and you can keep your stock up to date without any problem.

If you are running a Magento store, then you can handle your store at entry level with ease but as you grow and you start getting a high level of traffic, then your website starts responding slow and there could be a mess and you can’t deal your customers properly. When you have outgrown your store, you need something better, something perfect that can deal with high level of traffic with ease, so you need to integrate your online store with the ERP system.


If you are running your online store on Magento, then ERP Integration extension provides you real-time synchronization. Whenever an order is placed on your Magento store, it will be imported to your Magento store automatically and in real time, the updated products in the ERP system are transferred to the online store. This synchronization takes place very fast even when you are getting high traffic and you can deal with thousands of orders and stock updates on daily basis.

Benefits of Magento ERP Integration Extension

  • Data Synchronization: The most important aspect of an online store is data synchronization and Magento ERP extension does the same. It synchronizes your products, stock, prices, customers, orders, images and much more.
  • Security: With the SSL (https) installed on the server, data synchronization and transfer of data take place through the same secure connection which provides an extra layer of security.
  • Independence:¬†The ERP system and the Magento website store, both work independently so if there is any breakdown occurred on any side, there will be no impact on the orders.
  • Flexibility: The Magento ERP Integration extension can be used with any¬†enterprise resource planning software so if you change your ERP system at any time, you can keep using the same extension by making required changes.

There are many other advantages of this Magento ERP extension which you can notice while using it for your Magento store.