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How VPS Can Help To Boost Drop Shipping Sales and Profits?

Dropshipping sales with VPS

Dropshipping sales with VPS

Bloggers and freelancers who want to make money online are moving towards drop shipping websites. Drop shipping website is just like a simple online store where you have listed various products and you sell these products to your customers and make profits out of it. The difference is, you don’t have to maintain the stock, and don’t need to buy the products. You just get the orders at your online stores and then you have to buy that product from other sellers for your customers and ask the seller to deliver the product directly to your customer.


You can find various blogs which provide good marketing tips to increase the sales of drop shipping website and boost your profits. Here we are not going to provide any marketing tips, we will discuss the importance of your hosting and few other aspects that can play a vital role in the success of your drop shipping business.

Get a VPS Hosting instead of Shared Hosting

At a shared hosting plan, you are sharing the resources of the server with others which can hurt your business a lot if the other customers are using high resources. While at a virtual private server, you are not sharing your resources. Though it is not a dedicated server;┬ábut it provides you dedicated resources and no other user on that server can affect your website’s performance so your website runs smoothly.

A VPS helps your drop shipping store in various ways. For example, with high uptime, you will very rarely have a drop time for your online store. If you have your drop shipping website hosted on a shared server you can find downtime many times in a single day. Especially when you are getting a high volume of traffic from social media, such as Facebook, Google plus or other platforms, you might get your server down because of the spikes in traffic.


In this case, when your server is down, you will lose a lot of customers. Losing customers means you are losing your sales. Whereas if your website is hosted on a virtual private server, your website will be live and running even if you are getting high traffic from social media. So, when more visitors can access your website, there are high chances that you have high conversion rate which will boost your profit.

The other factor is the speed and load time of your website. Usually shared hosting servers have very slow load time and it takes a lot of time to serve the required pages to the visitor. Normally visitors don’t want to wait for more than a few seconds. If their desired page doesn’t serve, they will leave your site and as a result, you are losing your profits.

Using a VPS, you are improving the load time, your pages get served more quickly and the bounce rate of the website reduces significantly. It provides your more sales and more profits ultimately.

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Use SSL Certificate To Boost Your Sales

Customers have to use their credit cards or other payment methods on the online store to buy the products. This is somehow risky because of the cyber crimes and hacking issues. So you must convince your customers that your website is safe for using their credit cards or debit cards.

An SSL certificate can give them confidence that they are going to make a transaction on a secure website. So you must use SSL certificate so that your website loads with the https:// protocol and shows the green signal to visitors that they are safe if they make a purchase from your store.

When you provide this confidence to your customers, your sales will increase and you will get much better conversion rate and can improve your profits from your drop shipping store.