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OPPO F7 Review – The Good and The Bad by Mobile Fun

OPPO F7 Review

OPPO F7 Review

After the great success of OPPO F5, the Chinese company has decided to come up with something impressive. After the success of iPhone X, many Android-based mobile companies have introduced their models with the big display and no home button on the front display screen. OPPO F7 is the latest model which has been launched successfully all over Pakistan last Friday 20th April.


The display screen is taller than the usual size of OPPO mobiles and the ratio is 19:9. We bring a detailed review of OPPO F7 for our readers.

Design of OPPO F7

Pic Credit: GSMArena

The first impression of OPPO F7 is somehow like iPhone X, the display screen has a cut on upper side where the front camera and proximity sensor is installed. There is no physical home button on the screen. The volume buttons are on the left side of the phone whereas, the power button is placed on the right side of the Smartphone.

The OPPO F7 is equipped with fingerprint technology, the fingerprint scanner is placed on the back side of the mobile and it is below the camera in the center of the mobile where it is easily accessible.

OPPO F7 Design

The rear camera is on the right side of the mobile whereas, the headphone jack and the speakers are at the bottom of the mobile. The back side of the OPPO F7 is glossy and it feels like a glass, due to which it might slip from your hands if you don’t hold it with care.


Display of OPPO F7

OPPO F7 Display

The first thing which you notice on the display screen of OPPO F7 will be the notch. Though it looks good as a design; but when it comes to watching videos or using apps and playing games, then this notch is the biggest negative point for Android mobiles. Same is the case with the notch display of OPPO F7.

Though for iPhone X, the notch is not a big deal as all the iOS apps are optimized for notch display but for Android, it’s not as simple. When you watch a video in full screen, a part of the video will be covered by the notch. If you play games or use other Android applications, you will also feel that the display is covered with that notch.

Though Android has introduced the notch support in the developer mode of Android P, but all applications are not optimized for notch display. Hopefully more apps will be optimized for notch display soon, but for now, you should think seriously before buying OPPO F7 if you love to watch movies on mobile.

OPPO F7 Video Player

Well, apart from the notch display, if we talk about the display quality, then display quality of OPPO F7 is simply amazing. The big screen size of 6.3″ screen offers FHD+ bright display with amazing colors quality. You can easily use the mobile directly into the daylight without any problem.

OPPO F7: Hidden Secret Features, Tips and Tricks, Complete Review


Camera Quality of OPPO F7

As we all know, OPPO always projects itself by the quality of their mobile cameras. The OPPO F7 is no difference, it has a wonderful camera. Though like other new models of different brands offering a dual rear camera, but there is only 16MP rear camera in OPPO F7. You can take pictures in HDR or Panorama mode with the 1080P camera which can record the videos at 30 frames per second.

The sensor of the rear camera is good enough to capture some amazing pictures. The Expert mode in the settings provides the option to capture the pictures like an expert by adjusting ISO, Shutter speed and EV. But if you want to use the Expert mode, you might know these values otherwise you can’t take the good pictures using the same mode. If you don’t know how to adjust these values and under what conditions, what values are preferable, then don’t use it and only go with the auto mode.

You can capture amazing clicks in daylight and in low light as well with the rear camera of OPPO F7.

The 25MP front camera is amazing to take the selfies with its ability to sense 296 facial spots. You can take the selfies on the basis of age and gender. There are a few issues with the front-facing camera as it is not responsive to light change very quickly which sometimes can make your selfies worse. But overall, if the camera works good, then you will get amazing pictures.

Here you can check the quality of the camera:



OPPO_F7_Camera_quality result

The software of OPPO F7

The OPPO F7 comes with COLOR OS v5.0 and it runs Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box. The user interface is improved from the previous versions of the OPPO mobiles and somehow the navigation is very easy and inspired by the iPhone X. With the new gesture, you can go directly to the home screen from any app by swiping.

There are four different virtual navigation keys combinations. You can go back to home screen from any screen by swiping up from the left or the right side. While if you swipe up from the center, then you can go back one step and if you swipe up from the center and pause there then you can see the recent apps.

OPPO F7 virtual Navigation keys

If you want to use the multitasking feature, i.e using two apps at the same time on a split screen, then you can enable the feature from settings and you can use three fingers to swipe upward direction to enable the multitasking feature for supported apps. You can also add the shortcut for built-in screen recording feature provided by OPPO F7 in the control center.

There are a lot more features and we will provide a detailed video review of the tips and tricks of OPPO F7 very soon.

Gaming Experience

Just like OPPO F5, you will get the gaming acceleration feature in OPPO F7 as well. This feature allocates more memory for the game as per its requirement and provides a smooth gameplay experience. When the gaming acceleration is active, you will not get the notifications from Whatsapp, messaging app, Facebook app, and other third-party apps.

Memory RAM & ROM of OPPO F7

OPPO F7 comes with two variants in terms of memory. If you want to get 64GB version then you will get 4GB RAM whereas if you believe that 64 GB ROM is not enough for you or you believe that you need more power for multitasking and high-end gaming so 4GB RAM is not enough for that, then you can go for the memory of 128GB and 6GB of RAM.


Performance and Battery Timing of OPPO F7

The performance of OPPO F7 is outstanding even while playing high-quality games and extensive graphics work. The MediaTek Helio P60 processor provides the power to perform at its best even when you are multitasking.

The OPPO F7 is equipped with a powerful 3400 mAh battery which allows you to watch any HD video for about 14 to 16 hours at full brightness. It means you can use OPPO F7 for complete 24 hours or even more when you are using your OPPO F7 for all purposes, like playing games, making outgoing or receiving incoming calls, messaging, internet and watching a video in a normal routine.

Final Words

The OPPO F7 is unique in its design, because of the stylish body, glossy back, and notch display. The battery timing is good, display quality is amazing with bright colors and performance is also good. The build quality of the phone is good but it could be even better. If you don’t hold it carefully then the mobile is slippery in the hands. The camera quality is good but the front camera has some problems (not all the time).

The price could be slightly lower to compete with other brands. Overall we will rate OPPO F7 at 7.5 out of 10. If you love to have a stylish mobile with a unique notch display and bright colors with excellent battery life then you can go for OPPO F7. But if you are looking for a better camera and you don’t like the notch display when it covers some part of the video, then you can try to find some other options as well.


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