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4 Tips to Start Your Successful Shopify Dropshipping Business


If you don’t know about the Dropshipping then first you should read this article to know what is dropshipping and how you can make money without any investment or without buying any stock. This article will provide you an understanding of the dropshipping business.


Shopify or WooCommerce?

After you get the understanding of the dropshipping, you should know that there are different options to select the platform which you can use for dropshipping. The most famous and useful platform is provided by Shopify.

It is an eCommerce solution that you can use for the dropshipping business as well by using the free account of Oberlo. You can also use the WooCommerce platform but Shopify is more effective and we recommend you select the Shopify which is easy to use and also provides you 14 days free trial as well.

Easy Tips To Start Shopify Dropshipping

Here are the four free tips for you to start your successful Shopify dropshipping business.


Select the Niche

The first and most important step is to select your niche. Most of the people try to sell everything and they deal with a lot of products which make them unsuccessful because they don’t have enough experience to deal with multiple niches.

We advise to select a single niche and focus on that. To make your sales you have to get some organic traffic with good SEO work and also you need to promote the products you added to your website on different social media platforms.

Like if we plan to start a dropshipping business using Shopify, our first preference would be to deal with the mobile accessories as we have a good understanding of mobiles and we have a good Facebook page as well where 500K+ members follow our mobile updates.

So, you must see what products you understand the most and what platforms you have to promote those products. Once you are successful with one store, you can start another Shopify store that focuses the multiple niches.

Select an Attractive Name for Online Store

After selecting the best niche for you, the next step is to select an attractive name for your online store. If your store name is attractive and catchy, you will get a lot of customers. If the name of your Shopify store is not describing your business and not attractive, then it would be difficult to attract the customers.

You can get help from theĀ Shopify name generator service. It will help you to get catchy names and you can generate the perfect name for your Shopify store. You will also get the domain name available with almost the same name of your store.


Work on On-Site SEO

While uploading the products to your Shopify store, make it sure that you are doing everything right from the SEO perspective. The title tags should be SEO optimized, user-friendly and search engine friendly URLs and then using the keywords in the description of products is very helpful for good SEO results.

Off-Site SEO and Social Media Marketing

Off-site SEO is another vital thing you should focus on. After proper keyword researching, you should create the backlinks of your products on some authority sites and you should write the articles to describe the products of our website and then post those articles on good websites that have a large number of readers.

Sharing product links on social media is the best way to get quick sales. If you are selling mobiles or mobile accessories, then try to find some good groups related to mobile products and try to post your products in those groups.

You can also ask the admin of the group to official share your products. They might charge a small amount as well to allow you using their group for your product promotion.

If you believe that you are not good at search engine optimization or other social media marketing techniques then you can get help from a good eCommerce marketing agency that can work on your store to get targeted traffic.

Final Words

Though there are many more things which you should focus on to make your Shopify dropshipping store successful, but the 4 points will play an important role than all other things. If you have done these 4 things in the right way, then you are good to go to make huge sales.