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Top 3 Must Have Accessories for Better Mobile Photography

3 must have accessories for mobile photography

If you are a person who loves to capture every moment when on a trip using your mobile, then you are just like me. Like many others, I also love to capture the beautiful mountains covered with the clouds, the rainbow after or during rainy weather and a waterfall in any hill station.

For awesome photography, the first and the most important thing you need is obviously a good camera. Most of the smartphones like Galaxy S9, OPPO F7 and many more have an awesome camera which provides you amazing photography experience without using a DSLR. Obviously a mobile camera is not as good as a DSLR, but still, it is much much better if you can’t afford to buy a DSLR, or if you don’t want to bring so much load with you.


There are few more accessories required, that can help you in improving your mobile photography skills. I will discuss 3 must-have accessories for a better mobile photography here.

3 must have accessories for mobile photography

Wireless LED Flash For Mobile Camera

When you are taking the pictures using your mobile camera in daylight, you get the perfect pictures but when there is low light during the evening or night, or when you are indoor, then you need some extra source of light to capture the better pictures.

The flash of mobile is good enough to take the pictures in low light for close objects, but this LED flash is not enough for taking the pictures in low light which are at some distance. For this, you need extra LED flashlight which can work perfectly with the camera of your mobile.

LED Flash Wireless for Mobile Camera

You can buy one wireless LED Flash for your mobile. You just have to clip it on your mobile and you can then take awesome photos in low light. The wireless LED flash can work with both Android and iOS mobiles.

Tripod Mount for Mobile Photography

Tripod Mount To Use With Tripod or Monopod

While you want to capture the picture of yourself with your friends or with your spouse and there is no one other to capture your photo then obviously you want a tripod or a monopod which can help you in taking the picture by using the timer feature.


A selfie stick is a good option but with that, you can’t cover the large background area and on a hill station, the scenery is most important to capture with your own pictures. So, in this case, you must have tripod mount adapter holder that can be used to hold your mobile firmly and you can take the picture by using a Bluetooth remote or by using the timer function.

From Musemee Clip you can find a variety of different tripod mount adapter holders for iPhone and other Android mobiles. You can select various colors and designs of your own choice.

Piconizer Move Photos Videos off of iPhone


While you are capturing the pictures or recording a video on a trip then most of the times you record the video or take the picture at the highest resolution available in your mobile’s camera. Most of the latest mobile camera allows you to record the 4K video as well.

In this case, the storage space is a big problem. Though you can take out your pictures on your laptop once you are back in your hotel room, but what if your phone’s storage limits you to take more pictures while you are out of your room and you have to spend a lot more time out? Obviously, you can’t take your laptop everywhere and can’t move the pictures and videos from mobile to laptop.

In such a situation, a Piconizer is the best solution for iPhone users. This device has a lightning connector and it can be connected easily to any iDevice. You can use this small gadget for your iPhone and can move all your photos and videos by using a small iOS application installed on your iPhone to this storage device called Piconizer.

This device is only available for iPhone users, though you can find the same type of device with some other names in the market for Android mobiles.