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Why RFID Attendance System is Best Solution For Schools

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A good institute, whether a work place or a school/university, always keeps record of the attendance of their workers or students. At a workplace without a keeping proper record of the workers will decrease the productivity of the company whereas attendance of the student can have negative effects on academic records of students as well as the school itself. The traditional ways of taking the attendance by calling names or signing on a paper are much time consuming and are not accurate due to proxy attendance system. RFID school attendance system is the latest way to record the attendance of each individual with accuracy and in minimum time.

In Radio Frequency Identification based attendance system, a student or a worker needs to put his/her identification card over a reader and reader will record their attendance after identifying them independently and accurately. RFID for school attendance proves to be very beneficial as it saves a lot of time and tutor can spend most of the time on his/her lecture rather than calling names of the students to record their attendance on a paper.

Why RFID School Attendance System is Best

Although there are different school attendance management systems available in the market and are in use, but RFID school attendance system have some unique features and it is more accurate as compared to other attendance systems. Different features which make RFID system unique and better than others will be discussed below:

On Time Notifications To Parents

This attendance system is very much capable of sending notifications to parents related to school activities and about their kids as well. Emergency alert system based on RFID sends notification to parents without any delay in case of any kind of emergency. It also send notifications to parents when their child enters into school and when he/she left the school.

Acts as Anti Bunking System

RFID school attendance system can proved to be the best anti bunking system as well, as if the student bunks a class, the database will show instantly which student is absent from a specific class. When students enters into a class room they need to place their card on a reader for only a second and reader will save the data into a database and automatic system will notify the teacher and the parents that a specific student is not present in the lecture. In this way this system is very much efficient to act as an anti bunking system.

Child Safety

This is a fact that parents are always concerned about their child’s safety. RFID for school attendance also improves the child safety because parents will be informed when their child enters into the school and they will be also informed when child leaves the school. If there is some activity in the school and student needs to stay for a longer time, parents will not be worry because they don’t receive the notification that their child has left the school and they will be happy that their child is still in the school.

So this is recommended for every private school to get RFID school attendance system and install it in their premises, it will help them when parents start trusting on that school and they feel comfortable that they will get instant notifications about the activities of their kids. This trust will help the school in terms of more student admission requests from parents.

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