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Top 5 Apps That I Used in 2014

Best Android Apps 2014

Best Android Apps 2014

In the year 2014, many Android Apps were introduced and were quite successful in the Google play store, as they had received 3.5 to 4 stars, which is quite a big achievement for the particular app developer. The star shows the rating of that particular app in the Android Market.  In this article, you will get to know about the top 5 best Android Utility Applications of 2014. And I will also tell you why these Apps deserve to be in your phone!, this Android Utility App was the most popular tool in 2014 to check the speed of the internet connection. It also helps you to check the ping and upload speed.  This utility app saves a lot of time because now you do not have to switch on your PC or laptop just to examine your internet connectivity. The best part of this App is that it is free for all. It is produced by OOKLA . It has been downloaded around 450,000+ times and is awarded by four stars. You can download this App from the Google Play store.


Easy battery saver, the specialty of this Android Utility App is that it really helps you to save the life of your phone’s battery. It  helps you to extend the time of your phone’s battery by suggesting you different ways like, keep your phone brightness to 40%, please turn your phone’s Wi-Fi off, if not in use and so on. The rating for this particular app is 4.5 stars, and it has been downloaded around 900,000+ times. This clearly shows its popularity in the Android Market. This App is free and can easily be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Google translate, this Android Utility Application helps you to render text in almost 65+ languages. This App allows you to render web pages, phrases and words as well! The best thing about this App is that it can work without internet connectivity. This tool is so advanced that it not only enables you to translate text but it also allows you to render the text, which is in the form of a picture. This Android App is created by Google Inc. This unique app is granted with 4+ stars and it has been downloaded almost 2,450,000 times, this is a huge figure! You can download this App from the Google Play store.

Alarm Clock Extreme, this is a tool, which is the need of every person who wants to be punctual in all of his work. This can serve the duty of enabling you to sleep and wake up on time, completing assignment before deadline by the task reminder. It is created by AVG laps. This App is gifted with 4+ stars and around 400,000+ times downloaded. It can be download from Google Play store.


Where’s My Droid, this Android Utility App is one of the best App and the need of time as well! It helps you to track your phone by the help of GPS location tracking system. So no need to worry if you forgot your phone somewhere and don’t know its exact location because your faithful companion is always there keeping an eye on your phone. You can download this friend from Google Play store.

It is strongly recommended that you should possess these top 5 Android Utility Apps in your phone because these apps not only help you to do your things efficiently, but will make your life uncomplicated.

Best Android Apps 2014