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Demand of Galaxy S8 Plus is Higher than Expected, Samsung Increased the Production

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Production

After the big loss of money as well as the reputation due to failure of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung was hoping some better response for its new Galaxy S8 plus. Latest report from South Korea claimed that Samsung is getting much better response even better than their expectations. Hence Samsung has upped the production level and now producing more units as compared to what they have decided before.

These reports claims that the big screen model Galaxy S8+ is proving to be a replacement for Galaxy Note 7 and it has more demand in the market in the form of pre orders. The initial plan was to produce 60% units of smaller size Galaxy S8 and 40% unit of bigger screen Galaxy S8+ but now after noticing the buyers trend towards S8+, Samsung has decided to change the ratio to 45% production for the bigger model and 55% production for the small model. Officials also claiming that Samsung may increase this ratio after getting the more accurate and latest reports from the market and retailers.

This is not the first time that Samsung has changed its plan according to market needs, last year, Samsung has started the production for S7 edge with the ratio of only 30% units but at the end of year 2016 Samsung was producing 70% units of Galaxy S7 Edge. This can be relate to the failure of Galaxy Note 7 and users were finding the best replacement and they find S7 Edge the best available replacement option.

According to some news, Samsung is preparing to produce 20 million units of S8 and S8+ for the launch event which is going to happen later this month. This amount is almost double as compared to the previous launch of S7 duo.

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