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How to Find the Right Software Development Company – Guide by Vironit.com

how to find best software development company

If you have decided to develop a software for your business needs and you are looking for the right company who can develop a reliable software for your business then before selecting the “right” company you should find the “right” person from your own team who will communicate with the software development company. If you are the owner of the business, it is not enough.

Being an owner doesn’t mean that you can make effective communication with the software development company. You need a person who understands the business needs and who also have a good understanding of what is required by the software. But if you want to interact with the company yourself then at least you should have an assistant from IT department who will guide you that what can you expect from a custom software.

This is very important because if you are not an IT person or if you don’t have and idea what a software can do for you, they can’t make good communication with the software development company and you can’t put your requirements in a good way.

Once you have decided who is the right person to interact the development company then you must know what is the requirements of your business. What your business needs from the software, you should have a clear idea of your requirements and expectations for your upcoming software.

If you don’t have a clear idea of your requirements then it will be very costly for you to get the software as time to time you will add more requirements and your vendor will increase the price for each requirement you add after everything has been decided.

Once you have selected the right person and have clear to the point requirements now you have to start your research on finding the best software development company. This can be done in various ways.

Search on Google: You can google for the right development company. The results you saw on the first page might be from the different countries and top development companies. You have to see their portfolio, their services and you can get the rough idea of their professional approach. More you can read the reviews from their old customers. But don’t rely on the online reviews as they could be fake as well. If you want to select a company by Googling, then you should ask for the references of those persons who left the review on their website to make it sure that these reviews are not fake.

Ask your friends: You can ask your friends or family members if anyone has contacted a software development company in past. If they have, you can get the contact details and their feedback about their work.

Use social media: You can also use social media groups to ask for the best software development company. That company might exist in your city so that you can contact them directly or it could be somewhere else in the world and you can contact them via a third-party website (freelancing option) or directory from their own website. Many development companies have their accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites.

Like I have found Vironit software company for my own software development project, I have found them via LinkedIn article where top 25 custom software development companies were listed and VironIT was one of them. I have contacted them on their official number and discussed my business. They showed deep interest in my business and they arranged 3 different meetings in a week to get the complete understanding of my business and they also presented their own feedback about my business and what I should expect from the software.

Their feedback also helped me a lot in getting the best final product. You can also search on different social sites and can find the one which is best suited for your requirements.

You can also search on different social sites and can find the one which is the best-suited company for your requirements.

After google searches, getting advice from friends and using social media, you would have shortlisted few companies which might be good for you. Now you have to get information about these companies by meeting them or by visiting their online portfolio. If possible, meeting face to face is recommended to build the strong working relationship. You should ask them openly if they had worked before on related software development project and if their reply is positive then you should ask them for the trial software.

You can check that software and its working on your system to get an idea of the expertise of the company. Try to use the trial software in different ways, try to find some bugs. If everything is ok, you can go to next level and put your requirements in front of them.

Ask for the budget, and tell them your budget and deadline. Also try to meet the leaders of the company, or at least with the team leader of developers who are going to develop your software. Try to make a friendly relationship with the development team so that they can understand your requirements easily.

When you are going to pay for the custom software development you must ask for the ownership of the final software so that company can’t sell it out to your competitors. Training to your staff to use the software upon completion and post development maintenance, fixes and warranties should also be discussed with them.

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