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How to Test Samsung Mobile Functionality With Secret Code

samsung secret code for testing

We have created a detailed video for those who are planning to purchase a used or second hand Samsung mobile from their local market. Many people don’t know how to check Samsung mobiles properly, they just insert the sim, dial a number, connect the call and check the voice clarity on both sides. They don’t know the tricks to check different functions of Samsung. That is why many mobile customers are hesitating┬áto buy a used mobile. They go for a brand new mobile in their budget which has fewer features and they don’t go for the used mobile in the same budget with much more features.

After watching this video, you will learn how you can check Samsung mobile’s touch working, how you can check colors of the used mobile, how to check Samsung LCD. By dialing the code, which you can watch in the video, you can also check proximity sensor, you can check accelerometer sensor. You will also learn how to check Samsung camera is working properly, how to check Samsung’s buttons/keys are working or not, how to check vibration, receiver, speaker, front cam and many other features. Just watch the video and give your feedback if this video is useful for you to check the Samsung mobile with the secret code?

Secret code to test Samsung Mobile



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