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How to check Samsung Mobile is Original or it is China Copy Replica

In this article/video, I will tell you a secret code to check if your Samsung mobile is original or it is fake and a clone of the original Samsung mobile. Many users can judge easily by the screen result and build quality but it is not possible for everyone to judge whether the mobile is an original or high copy by just its screen display and build quality.

To check if the mobile in your hand is Samsung’s original set or its copy, you just need to open the dial screen and dial a shortcode. If this code runs and takes you to a new screen and show you mobile’s firmware version, then your mobile is original. If this code doesn’t run and stay on the dialing screen then your mobile is Fake.

Just dial from your screen *#2663# and watch the video below.

Secret code to check if Samsung mobile is original or fake:

If you want to test different functions of Samsung mobile before you purchase a used set then click here to watch the video.

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