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Kids can learn new languages every month from iPhone

zangu language learning app


Learning new languages is the need of this time when this world is just like a global village where you need to interact with many people. More languages you learn more chances are their that you can understand about different communities and their cultures very easily with the help of their own languages and literature without any translation. It is also a fact that learning different languages is easy for kids as compared to adults who might take much longer time to understand and speak secondary or tertiary languages. So if you wanted your kids to learn more languages like you want them to learn Spanish, or you want them to learn Italian languages as their secondary language then the right time is to educate them at the age of 4 to 10 years.


Mostly kids learn more quickly when they have interest in that particular subject, like if they feel that lesson they are getting is a fun and they can play games during learning they show a great interest and there power of learning increases. Zangu is a language learning app that is specially designed by Kenichi Kainuma and Norio Ichihashi. Zangu app uses artificial intelligence to teach different languages in one or two months to little kids. This is a fun application and kids will never feel that they are forced to learn any language just like they feel it as a burden in schools. There is nothing like a teacher is there who is asking to memorize some lessons in one hours otherwise he is going to punish your or giving you bad marks. This amazing language learning app have different activities and games which attracts little kids and they want to interact with this artificial intelligence system at their own will and without the help of parents or language teacher they learn to speak fluently in other language.

Zangu by AITeachU (Artificial intelligence teach you) is available for iPhone and iPad users. You can download and install the app on your device from iTunes with a monthly subscription fee of only US $15 which is very low price if you compare it with the tuition fee you have to pay to a teacher that you will hire for your kid to teach him a language. The best thing about this app is that adults can also use this app if they are also interested in learning new languages. So with a monthly subscription for one device all family members can use the app to learn their favorite language with this awesome language learner app.