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The Importance of Product Design to Your Business

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To understand the term Product Design, first, we have to take the simple meanings as suggested by the word itself, which refers to the process of creating a new product that can be sold out to customers. But actually this not that much simple, it is a very broad term which consists of innovative ideas, defining the functionality and the specification that leads to creating a new product for the customers. Product designers work very hard on the new ideas and concepts and eventually inventing or creating a new product that has its own significance and helps the business to grow.

The design experts work science, art and technology and the whole process of product designing uses various digital tools & techniques to support the complex procedures and processes, and this process reduced the overall team size. It is possible to visualize the actual product even before its creating with the help of product designing process. We can also say that product design and the prototyping is almost the same process.

The process of product design is very complex and the design expert has to satisfy all the stakeholders after the product creation based on the design. Few considerations in the product design process are mentioned below:

Low Production Cost

The manufacturer always wanted to create a product in lowest possible cost to maximize the profit for the business. If the cost of production is high then the price of the product in the market will also high which can reduce the profit and the sales as well. So a product design plays a vital role in reducing the production cost.

Appearance & Price for Consumer

A customer always wants to get the best product with maximum features that works smoothly and they also want to get the product in reasonable price. Customers also give importance to design and physical appearance, but the functionality is most important. If 3 or 4 products from different vendors are available in the market with the same price tag and same functionality, then appearance plays the role in final decision.


The maintenance is also very important for the long-term success of any product. If maintenance is difficult and different parts are not available in the market then product will fail after some time. Product designer should make it sure to design the product using different replaceable modules so that if any module/part needs replacement, the end user can easily replace that specific part instead of buying the whole new unit.

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