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The 4 Useful Amazing Applications of RFID in Real World

RFID concept

RFID concept

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is not a new technology, but still many people don’t know useful RFID can be. In some scenarios, many people are using RFID technology but they don’t know that what is the technology behind the facility they are using.


Like every other technology, the Radio Frequency Identification can also be a security threat as well as we discussed in our previous article where we talked about the requirement of RFID wallets to avoid RFID skimming. But this technology has many other useful and amazing applications in real life which makes our life easy at different places.

These are the 4 useful applications of RFID:

RFID Attendance System

The process of recording attendance in a school is very time consuming with traditional methods. The latest method which most of the schools are using is biometric attendance system is fast enough but still it requires a student to put the thumb or finger on a fingerprint scanner and wait for the device to record the attendance of that particular student.

The latest and most effective system is RFID attendance system in which a card is issued for every student which has a chip that holds identification tag for that particular student. Now student just needs to pass by a scanning machine which records the attendance without any physical contact and without requiring a student to stand with the scanning machine for a while.

The student just needs to pass through the scanning machine and scanner will record the attendance through the RFID card that is in the pocket of the student or even in the school bag of that student.

Item Level Inventory Tracking

In different stores, bar code reader is used to track the inventory but at warehouses which have thousands and millions of products, using barcode tracking system is very time-consuming as one can’t bring the barcode reader to all products which are placed at very high levels.


In such situations, RFID tracking system is a blessing to keep the exact and accurate record of all the inventory in less time.

Race Timing

In marathon races, the athletes are tracked by the RFID system which is very common in most of the racings. The tracking chip is installed in the shirts of the athletes and they are not disturbed by this and even many athletes don’t know that they have the RFID chip for tracking.

Reducing Theft Risk in Library

RFID tracking system can also be used in libraries to avoid theft risk. The books at the library are equipped with the chip and on every exit there is a scanner installed which can read the multiple tags simultaneously and if a person is taking out a bok which is not issued to him or her, the scanner will detect that and a buzzer with it will start giving signals that the person going out has a book which is not issued officially.

RFID Singapore is working on this RFID solution and you can visit them to know more about the applications of RFID and how RFID actually works. These 4 uses of RFID are very useful in daily life which saves a lot of time and also save the money by reducing the staff requirement. There are many others uses as well which you can search for on Google.