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How To Transfer WhatsApp Account From Android to Android or iPhone

WhatsApp Transfer

For many people, WhatsApp Transfer is not an easy task from their old mobile phone to the new mobile. Especially when they have to switch between iOS and Android, it becomes more difficult. But thanks to iCareFone, now you can transfer your WhatsApp account from iPhone to Android, from Android to iPhone or from Android to Android and from iPhone to iPhone with just a few clicks.


First of all, download the iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer and then follow the easy steps below to transfer your WhatsApp chat, photos, and videos from your old mobile phone to your new mobile phone.

WhatsApp Transfer Step by Step Guide

After downloading and installing the iCareFone, you need to follow the steps below to transfer all your WhatsApp data that includes chats, images and videos from your old mobile phone to your new mobile phone. To start the process, you must have WhatsApp installed on the destination or the target mobile with the same or different mobile number.

  • Launch iCareFone application on your Laptop
  • Connect your source mobile using a data cable with the laptop
  • Enable the USB debugging option from the developer options
  • Connect your target mobile using a data cable with the laptop
  • Again, enable the USB debugging mode from the developer options on your target phone
  • If you don’t know how to do this, Google it with your mobile brand and model name and you will see how to enable the USB debugging option
  • On the iCareFone application, make sure that you have selected the source phone and the target phone correctly
  • Click on Continue and then click on “Yes” on the dialogue box that informs you that any WhatsApp data on the target phone will be overwritten during this process
  • Then on the next screen, from the source mobile, take the WhatsApp chat backup from Settings > Chats > Chat Backup
  • Click on Continue on the iCareFone application
  • Just wait for the application so that it copies all the data from source mobile and transfer it to the target mobile
  • Once done, install the WhatsApp application again on the target mobile and log in with your original WhatsApp mobile number that you are using on the source mobile’s WhatsApp account
  • During the login process, click on the “Restore” button and don’t skip it.
  • That is it. All your WhatsApp chat, pictures, and videos are transferred to the new mobile.

WhatsApp Transfer From Old to New Phone



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