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Different Types of Instagram Videos: Instagram Downloader MP4 Format


Instagram is one of the best social media apps nowadays where you can post different types of videos. You can post different videos for different kinds of Instagram marketing campaigns. Because of the popularity and effectiveness of Insta videos, there are a lot of Instagram downloaders that can be used to convert Instagram videos into MP4 format.

Instagram Video Types

Here you can check different types of Instagram videos that you can use for your marketing campaign on Instagram:

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are short videos/photos that are discoverable by the people following you or by anyone in case you have a public profile. The maximum duration of an Instagram story is 15 seconds just like the stories on Facebook (a little difference in time).

Instagram stories are only visible for 24 hours and after that time, stories get archived.

Insta Reels

When you compare Instagram versus TikTok, short videos are common between both social media platforms. Instagram reels are similar to Tik Tok videos which are short in length and very effective to spread your message.

The maximum duration of an Instagram Reel is 60 seconds for most people while it could be up to 90 seconds for some people. The main purpose of these short Instagram reels is to reach new audiences with some interesting and entertaining video content.

IGTV or Just Instagram Video Posts

IGTV (Instagram TV) is now just called Instagram video posts. You can publish these videos just like a normal Insta post. These videos are a bit longer and the main purpose of these videos is to give some extra details about your product, service, or website.

You can provide more details using Instagram video posts, but believe me, these are not as effective as Instagram reels.

Instagram Live Video

The best way to interact with your fans and followers on Instagram is through a live video in which you can go live and can have some conversation with the people watching you. Since people can watch you on their mobile devices, Insta live videos are the most effective ways to advertise and run a digital marketing campaign on Instagram.

Unlike Instagram Reels, through Instagram live videos you can only address your followers and can’t reach more audience.

Instagram to MP4 Downloader

Now, if you want to download Instagram videos, then you need a professional Instagram downloader app that can download the videos on your computer or on your mobile devices.

When you download Instagram videos, let it be a Reel, Live video, Story, or Video post, you don’t need to convert them to MP4 as most Instagram downloaders convert the videos to MP4 and then save them on your mobile device or laptop/PC.

With you can’t only download Instagram videos, but you can also download Instagram photos and carousels¬†(also called albums).

In another article, we will discuss some of the best Instagram to MP4 converters and Instagram video downloaders.

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