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Use Magento 2 Reward Points & Boost Your Sales With Loyalty Program

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Previously we have discussed the various ways to use coupons and discount offers to boost the sales of an eCommerce store. Many of those methods are in use by various store owners and our readers also provided their feedback on the said methods. But all those methods which we discussed there were mostly targeting the current sale. Like when a person is going to place an order of $45, we can send them an immediate offer that encourages the customer to spend 5$ more and get a discount of $10.

This system has nothing to do with the history of the customer. Surely every store owner wants to have something special for the loyal customers and they also wanted their customer to keep coming back to the store without dropping the rates. Offering a loyalty program with a reward point system can be the best way to get more and more loyal customers.

In a reward point systems, customer keeps increasing the reward points with every sale and at a specific time when they have earned enough reward points, they can use those points to buy any product instead of paying money. Though shop owners can have their own terms and conditions about how and when the customer will get the reward points but mostly a buyer will get the percentage of total order amount in terms of the points. No matter if the order is of $50 or $500, he will earn a percentage of total order amount in the form of points and these points will be added to the points earned previously.

This reward point system is becoming famous among the buyers and the sellers as well so more and more site owners are adopting the reward points system to attract their customers and increase the numbers of their loyal customers.

When we are talking about the reward point system, obviously you would love to know how can you implement this at your own eCommerce store? This is simple, you can find various extensions to implement this, some might be free while the more professional plugins and extensions are paid which provides the best results and support as well.

If we talk about Magento 2, Reward Points is the extension which can be used to boost your sales using the said system. Magento 2 reward points is an award winning extension which requires very little maintenance. Admin can easily implement the extension and can configure different aspects of this extension. For example, the admin needs to configure the conversion rate in both directions. That is, how much money has been spent and what are the points earned against that money and after that when the buyer needs to use those points to buy anything, the extension needs to convert those points into money as per the set conversion rate.

The admin should also configure the settings that should decide what will be the expiration date of the earned points and when the customer can earn bonus points as well. Once you get the reward points extension for Magento 2, you can find many more things which can be very useful for your own loyalty program.

You can get the extension in just $349 with free installation, 45-day money back guarantee, 90 days of free support and free lifetime updates. When you are trying to build your own loyalty program to boost your sales, this price is fare enough. You can watch a lot of video tutorials specially made by the developers to help the webmasters. You can find some other extensions as well, but I would recommend you to download and install the Magneto 2 reward points extension on your Magento store and believe me you will never regret.

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