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How to Shoot 360 Degree Video and Watch On VR Headset



360 Degree videos are fun to watch different documentaries and movies, though it is a new technology it is already released for the public. You can use YouTube and Facebook to watch 360-degree videos by using a supported device like a VR headset.


You can also create your own 360 degrees VR videos and can upload it on YouTube or other supported websites. There are only a few websites and cameras which are able to shoot and host 360-degree videos.

YouTube is compatible with Kodak SP360, Ricoh Theta, IC Real Tech Allie, and Giroptic 360cam cameras. To buy these you need to invest around 300 to 400 USD according to the availability of that camera.

Instead of buying these cameras you can also create your own rig by using a series of GoPro cameras, though this is an expensive solution but this is reliable as cameras are tested and gives you the best results.

While recording these 360-degree videos you must use the same type and model of cameras with the same settings, same quality.

Also keep this in mind that while shooting this video, every angle, every part of the room or where you are shooting will be recorded even the person who is controlling the recording will also be there so take these things into account while shooting. Try to keep the light the same for every angle so that the same quality video can be recorded without any problem.


After recording the video, Movavi 360 Video Editor is a software that can be used to combine all the footage to generate a 360-degree video and it is also compatible with YouTube as well. You can learn how to use this software by YouTube videos easily.


After recording and editing of 360-degree video, uploading it on YouTube is not as simple as any other video. You can’t just click on upload select the file and wait for the upload process to complete.

To upload a 360-degree video on YouTube you need to first create a new file from your video using a metadata application provided by YouTube and click on inject and save by selecting your 360-degree video.

After the new file is saved on your computer, upload it on YouTube, it will take comparatively longer time as compared to a normal video uploading time.

Now your video is ready on YouTube to watch, you can use the mouse or keyboard keys W, A, S, D to control the video.


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