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How to Recover Your Deleted Photos & Videos – Android Data Recovery

Android data Recovery Software

It is super easy to delete photos, videos or any other files from your Android Smartphone. Just tap and hold a file and then select the delete option, your file will get deleted permanently. Sometimes you might also delete the important files accidentally. But once your important data gets deleted or lost, it is very complicated for many users to get back the deleted files.


Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Data?

When you delete photos, videos or other documents permanently from our mobile phone, then the question arises that is it possible to recover the deleted photos or other videos? Or, is it possible to recover deleted data from Android or iOS mobiles after factory resetting the mobile?

The answer to this question is very simple, Yes. Yes, it is possible to recover the deleted files, let it be pictures, videos, audio files or other documents, from Android and iOS devices.

If you want to understand what happens with the data when you delete that and how is it possible to recover the deleted data, then you must read this article.

When you lost your photos or other important data and you wanted to recover that, you should know a few things. It means you should know the Do’s and Don’ts of Android data recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Data from Android

Though the process of Android data recovery is complicated, but UltData for Android makes the process super easy. You can easily recover your lost photos, videos, and other data in 3 simple and easy steps. With the free version of this data recovery software, you can scan and view your mobile’s storage and you can see what data you can recover from the mobile.

If you find your required lost data in the scanned files, you can buy the Android data recovery software. You can buy one month license or you can go for the best deal which is a license for 1 complete year. When you have the license key, you can recover your lost data from any Android devices without any problem.

Requirements for Android Data Recovery Software

To use Ult Data for Android, the Android data recovery software, you must have Windows XP or later version installed on your PC. If you have a mac, you can buy a different version for mac as well. Your PC must have a 256MB of RAM and 1GHz processor.

To install this software, you need only 200MB of storage space on your Windows PC or Mac. If we talk about the mobile device, then it should have Android version 4.0 or later.

One more thing which is important to use this data recovery software is that you must root your device. You can use any software to get the root access.


If you don’t want to root your Android mobile then you can try this method to recover deleted photos from Android without root. But with this method, you can only recover deleted pictures. Videos and documents can’t be recovered with this method.

How to Connect Android Mobile to PC?

When you install the android data recovery software on your PC and you have a rooted mobile in your hand, you should connect your Android mobile to the UltData for Android.

To connect your device, make it sure that USB debugging option is ‘on’ from the developer options on your mobile device. If you don’t see the developer’s option then go to “About Phone” option and from Software version tap on the build number 6 to 7 times in quick successions.

Connect mobile to software

You will see a message on your device that the developer option is enabled. Now go back and find the developers options in the settings menu. Tap on that option and turn on the developer options and then from the debugging section, enable the USB debugging mode. Now you can connect your mobile devices with the Android data recovery software by using a USB data cable.

Scan Your Deleted Files

ULTData-Android Recovery

Now as you have connected your Android mobile with the Android data recovery software, you will see an option to select the file types that you want to scan. You can select all types or only photos or multiple data types and then click on scan. It will take some time to scan your mobile device to find deleted data which is still recoverable.


Recover Android Deleted Data

After the scanning process completes, you can view the deleted data which you can recover. You can either select all the files, or you can select the multiple files. Once you have selected all the files which you want to recover, you have to click on the “recover” button.

ultdata android recovery

You will be asked to select a folder where you want to store your deleted data after recovery. Select the folder and that’s it. You have successfully recovered all your deleted photos, videos, audios, documents and anything that you have selected.

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What You can Recover Using UltData for Android

You can recover anything that you can store on your Android mobile. It means you can recover your deleted photos, you can recover your deleted videos. You can even recover your messages and contact numbers which were stored on mobile storage.

You can also recover your WhatsApp media files and PDF files. In short, you can recover everything that you have lost.

You can recover your data if you have:

  • accidentally deleted your data
  • reset your mobile to factory settings
  • lost your data because of OS crash
  • lost your data while rooting your mobile
  • lost your data because of water damage

So, what are you waiting for? Just get UltData for Android and recover your lost photos, videos and all data from Android mobile.

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